In an alternate future Goku died of a rare heart disease. Six months after his death, the world of Dragon Ball Z fell into disrepair due to the Cyborg C-17 and C-18, created by Dr. Gelo. All future Z-warriors have been killed by cyborgs in battle and half of the world's population has been wiped out.

This is the premise from which Suitcase of the future he had set out to travel back in time and warn his old friends of the dangerous future ahead. But one of the moments that touched Vegeta's son the most (protagonist of another of Dragon Ball Z's most poignant moments in this tattoo) was when Gohan, the last living Saiyan warrior next to him, finally arrives died under the blows of the two cyborgs.

Gohan he was the young drink's teacher for a long time and taught him to fight. The latter struggled with all his might to become a Super Saiyan, but the anger he possessed was not enough to unleash his hidden power. The two spend a lot of time together because of the training and bond a lot with each other, up to and including consider themselves brothers.

Shortly thereafter, # 17 and # 18 attack a nearby city: Gohan, who still judges Trunks to be inexperienced, decides to prevent him from participating in the fight and knocks him out for it. Gohan collides with the two cyborgs who fight hard, but even the Super Saiyan's powers prove useless against the cyborgs and The warrior dies in the end under the blows of the androids after a heroic resistance. This is exactly the moment that is illustrated in this poignant fanart.

C-17 turned towards us, who scornfully clears away the debris of the fight, C-18 turned from behind shows us the Red Ribbon logo and doesn't seem to pay attention to anything. From this little glimpse we understand how much the city around them can be destroyed. And finally, we don't even see Gohan's whole body: only one of his arms is visible in the upper left corner. If the context is unknown, the hero is even unrecognizable. You can see the picture at the bottom of the message.

Here you can see some Dragon Ball Z Cell fanarts in different anime versions. We're finally leaving you with the spoilers of Chapter 78 of Dragon Ball Super.

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