Monkey Punch in the late 60s gave birth to the gentleman thief Lupine III whose manga, initially programmed to be a short series, became disproportionately famous. From there, several animated series were born: it started with the first anime series of Lupine III, followed several years later by a second and third series.

After seeing him in a green and red jacket, the third series of Lupine III he introduced us to a thief in a pink jacket with a particularly revised character design. Unfortunately it did not receive the same welcome as its predecessors and despite the initial plans it was stopped at episode 50. Here are the most worthy episodes to be seen in this series of Lupine III.

  • Episode 7, with the murderer Garve who wants to kill Fujiko after she betrayed him several years earlier during a coup. Garve seems invulnerable to both Goemon's guns and sword, so Lupine will have to find another way to defeat him.
  • Episode 18: an aspiring Broadway star starts working with Lupine to rob a casino on its owner's birthday. A full-blown episode of Lupine with comedy and thief blows.
  • Episode 27, with Jigen meeting with an old flame while the rest of the group acts on another mission. An episode that mixes politics and mysteries.

It is surely one of the least successful series of Lupine III that in Italy will remain historical for the initials of Enzo Draghi. After this anime, Lupine III will return with a new series only in more recent periods with the Italian adventure of 2015.

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