Recently, the ONE PIECE anime viewers had the chance to meet Tonoyasu, a nice old man who lives in the poor ghettos of Wanokuni. This mysterious character seems to be sociable with anyone and even get vital information with disarming ease.

However, in the final episodes of ONE PIECE, it was discovered who Tonoyasu really is, or a famous thief, after being captured by Orochi's men. By doingEpisode 938 of ONE PIECE We saw him flogged and tortured in the capital's dungeons, but he never lost his smile. When his execution is publicly announced, many are stunned by the situation.

Brook shares this information with Zoro, Hiyori, and little Toko the latter terrified her tremendously while she continued to smile and flung herself out of the hut in the direction of the capital. The other characters follow when the little girl makes this clear The man who is about to be executed by Orochi is his father.

Will the group be able to arrive on time? save Tonoyasu? This scene is one of those expected from the reopening of ONE PIECE, which debuted in the anime a few weeks ago.

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