My Hero Academia Chapter 320 has finally landed on MangaPlus and has been highlighted again the persistence of an Izuku Midoriya has now fundamentally changed, very different from what we know in the first two acts of history. So how did the first part of the much-anticipated clash come about? Let's find out together.

Chapter 320, entitled "Deku vs Class 1-A" begins with Bakugo and Iida analyzing the situation and Deku getting up from the floor and sliding Blackwhip along his body. The protagonist is on the verge of psychophysical breakdown and instead of fighting openly due to the incredible number of clashes in which he has participated in the past few days, he prefers to use the Quirk Smokescreen to escape.

Koda tries to block Deku with a flock of birds who use Blackwhip to escape the impact. Sero, the classmate who helped the protagonist perfect the use of blackwhip for movement, uses his power to block it. Operation thanks to the intervention of Jiro, Ojiro and Tokoyami. is completed. 1-A's students, including Momo and Shoji, use their respective quirks to block Midoriya, and Tokoyami uses Dark Shadow to cocoon him in hopes of euthanizing him.

Midoriya manages to break free again and makes a gigantic leap towards another skyscraper while his companions continue to try to make him realize how important he is to them, and how absurd it is to think that you can solve the situation on your own. As he walks away, Midoriya is blocked by Todoroki's wall of ice, who, along with Froppy, tries to get him to give up. Understanding the intentions of his companions, the protagonist seems unwilling to stay with them and prepares to flee again.

Chapter 320 then shows a stubborn and unstoppable Midoriya willing to do anything to escape and not endanger his friends. The hero categorically refuses to hurt his comrades, but considering that Bakugo, Iida and Uraraka will most likely intervene in the next chapter as well, it seems obvious that the hero will have to make a final decision: fight or give up.

So how is the situation resolved? Will Deku fight or give up? We will get the answer in the second part of the fight, which will appear on August 1st after the break.

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