Known as one of the bloodiest series in recent years The attack of the giants She immediately showed the deep issues that characterize it. Almost at the end of the manga and waiting for the fourth and last season, we decided to go through the most important and surprising events of the anime together.

In addition to a predominant political fantasy element One of the most terrifying aspects of Hajime Isayama's work is surely the presence of the giants, who have taken on a different meaning with the development of history itself. We decided to follow part of the adventures of Eren Jaeger and the Research Corps 5 incredibly important moments and at the same time able to leave fans speechless.

The first one is the appearance of a certain giant at the end of the fourth episode of season one. The moment Eren tells his companions that the counterattack on the giants has just begun, we see a huge enemy behind him, the Colossal giantarrived without a minimum of notice and what the importance of the surprise element is to test the protagonists.

We then move on to one of the crucial revelations that lead to important changes in the plot when we discover it Reiner and Berthold are the armored giant and the colossal giant, respectively. Mikasa hits her on impulse and then we see an incredible fight between Eren in the form of the attacking giant against his two former companions, who have also been transformed.

The third most surprising scene is without doubt that of the basement. From the first chapters of the Basement of the house of Eren and Mikasa It was considered a mysterious place, and when the protagonists manage to enter it in the second half of season three, the information they find leads to an impressive course change in history. Reading the Grisha Jaeger's diaryWhen the Research Corps finds a photo, it discovers the truth behind Marley's nation and the island of Paradis.

The fourth moment that could paralyze the audience is related to this Giant animal. We now know that behind this giant stands Zeke Jaeger, Eren's half-brother, but when we knew practically nothing to see him speak quietand knowing that such giants could exist has brought yet another novelty to the series.

The last event we want to remind you of is the temporary "death" of ErenWhen the protagonist tried to defend the city from the giants that attacked the walls, he initially lost one leg to be eaten by one of the enemies after saving Armin. It appeared to be an extremely courageous decision by the authors, which turned out to be a joke, since Eren was transformed by Giant of the Attack shortly after his return.

Season four was shown in a trailer, and as we wait for confirmation of the release date, which should be scheduled for October, we remember to deal with this last animated implementation of the Giants Attack was the MAPPA study.

What do you think of this list? Do you agree or would you have chosen other moments? Let us know in the comments section.

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