With a press release shared through his official social networks, J-POP manga officially presented the new work of Negi Haruba, the pencil behind The Quintessential Quintuplets. Disqualified - Ranger Reject will debut in local comics starting the first week of July.

Among the July releases of J-POP manga there will also be Disqualified - Ranger rejection, the new manga series from the author of the hit The Quintessential Quintuplets. The work will contain exclusive gadgets: the readers will find what they are looking for in the first five volumes five maps attached features each of the five Nakano twins in Dragon Keepers cosplay.

Disqualified - Ranger Reject is a manga that revolutionizes the super sentai genre. Abandoned his romantic comedy, Negi Haruba embarks on a whole new path that takes the reader into a narrative universe of superheroes, monsters and enemies of mankind. Recently Released J-POP Manga Facts (More) Come On Nakamura! and Hiraeth wa Tabiji no Hate.

For thirteen years The earth has been invaded by the army of evil. Despite infinitely superior weaponry and ingenuity, and the ability to create increasingly powerful monsters, the bad guys were driven to the end by the Divine Dragon Ranger. A nameless mere soldier decides to join the ranks of the hated Rangers, who hide shady secrets behind their heroic facade. The series runs bi-monthly.

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