Izuku Midoriya faces many difficult challenges one after the other. Shaped by recent events, however, the protagonist of My Hero Academia has to continue his journey, and now he is also forced to never stop.

With the evasion of criminals out of jails and the abandonment of the careers of several heroes, there are many raids and Midoriya wanders the Japanese cities to lay a patch and try to protect the defenseless civilians. Muscular was just one of the many villains Deku silenced, but the boy's real target is Shigaraki.

Now, however, after days of unsuccessful research, that My situation at Hero Academia seems to be nearing a turning point. Completely surprising, especially given the initial tired phase of Chapter 311 and after much discussion about the inability to track down villains near Shigaraki, the cliffhanger got Deku in trouble.

One of the villains who escaped Tartarus and is able to turn the limbs of her body into sniper rifles keeps the protagonist in its sights. This means that Deku will be involved in long-range combat in the next chapter of My Hero Academia, while the boy was mostly at the center of hand-to-hand combat for the time being. Will he be able to withstand such an enemy himself or does he have to surrender?

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