The completion of Hajime Isayama's work, The attack of the giants is near now. In fact, the manga recently made it to Chapter 130, while the animated rendition, while initially appearing to have suffered no major production delays due to the pandemic, may not arrive until next year.

To confirm this indiscretion, an update was made regarding the programming of some Japanese television stations that They had added season four of the Giants' attack to their scheduleDon't leave a little surprise and then remove it almost immediately.

In fact, the anime was originally added to the list of series to air this fall, but with a timely change that came in the early hours of this day, season four of the Attack of the Giants. It has been completely removed from all programming, with a date to be defined. At the bottom of the news, see the posts by @animatetimes and @AoTWiki reporting the lists with and without Isayama's work.

For sure a big disappointment for the fans We are eagerly awaiting the end of the adventures of Eren and the Research Corps, and although Studio MAPPA did not inform the public at all about the production after the fantastic trailer for the fourth season shown in May, we are confident that the quality of the work will be can do better after this delay.

We remember the spoilers from Chapter 131 of the Attack of the Giants already surfaced on the web, and we'll leave you with our recap of the anime's most shocking moments.

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