My Hero Academia 280 is just around the corner. The chapter will be released on Weekly Shonen Jump with a one-day delay and will therefore be the same for distribution on MangaPlus, which will be postponed to Monday, August 10th at 6:00 p.m. But the hungryest for the news can already watch it first spoilers on My Hero Academia 280 appeared on the net in the last few hours.

As expected in the finale of the last chapter, Mina Ashido will be the cornerstone for the clash with Gigantomachia. The purple student from Yuei appears as the colored cover of My hero Academia 280 as you can see in the tweet below. For the next chapter, however, other images were also published, as well as the first texts that reveal a story about Mina and Kirishima.

Dabi attacks the students with flames and some, including Kaminari, were seriously injured. However, Mina continues to use acidic armor that protects her from flames. Gigantomachy receives Shigaraki's order again, and when she replies, Mina notices that the monster in front of her is the same one she tried to attack in middle school. Ashido prepares to throw the vial, but the monster closes its mouth and throws Mount Lady away.

Gigantomachy wants to attack the girl, but Kirishima protects them and throws them away. When they thought everything was resolved, Kirishima appears on the giant's arms and throws the anesthetic solution into his mouth. The scene then changes and brings us back to Jaku, where Endeavor seems to have subdued Shigaraki. My Hero Academia will be back with Chapter 281 in two weeks.

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