The author Natsuki Takaya reported on his Twitter account that the current "Chapter 13" of the manga Fruit basket: Another it is "temporarily" the last of the work.

Takaya noted that he currently has no intention of writing a story from the "adults and parents" point of view in the play, although he jokingly admitted that writing the story from the parents' point of view would probably have been easier.

This "Chapter 13" of the manga was supposed to be published in April this year, but has been published on the website Manga Park from the publisher Hakusensha last April 20 with only one part (currently all three parts are already available).

Takaya announced in August 2018 that even after its completion, he would continue to draw one-shots for the Fruits Basket: another series. The author has published the sequel manga on the website HanaLaLa Online Relocated to Manga Park in September 2015 and August 2017. The third compiled volume was released in March 2019.

On the other hand, Takaya published the original manga Fruit basket in the magazine Hana to Yumefrom the publisher Hakusensha between 1998 and 2006. The publisher has compiled the story in twelve volumes. The piece inspires a new anime adaptation that is currently airing a second season.

Synopsis of Fruit basket: Another

The story in the manga takes place after Tohru graduates from high school and features a girl named Sawa who has just entered. Takaya states that the main characters (Tohru, Yuki and Kyou) do not appear in this series, but are mentioned.

Source: ANN

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