The Giants’ attack 134: what to expect and when will the next chapter be published?

The final war has arrived in Attack of the Giants, and Eren is moving towards his targets and opponents are trying to stop him. Everything is in chaos, death does not stop and it is still not known how Hajime Isayama's manga could end.

The However, Chapter 134 of The Onslaught of Giants will begin the final phase of the story. As the final chapter of the volume - Volume 33 ends with this appointment - we can expect fireworks on several fronts. First there will be the battle between Eren Jaeger and the remaining forces of Marley and the rest of humanity, who start the airship bombing. Eren will actually have to find a way to counter them, as this is the colossal giants' weak point.

Armin is also expected to arrive nearby and companions aboard the seaplane. These can already begin to approach Eren. Annie, Falco and Gabi also seem ready to harness the power of the newly discovered giants, and could either arrive at the end of the chapter or the next chapter and take part in the final battle.

The twist could also come from that Awakening of Zekethat is currently somewhere in Eren's body and is also Levi's official target. The return of the stepbrother in particular could cause problems for the protagonist of The Attack of the Giants. What do you expect?

The Giants 134 attack will be published in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine on November 9th.

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