For almost a year now, our habits have changed drastically due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Not only did the population have to adhere to good health and hygiene standards, but they also had to get used to the use of surgical masks. But if you really think they are anti-aesthetic then these a Demon Slayer Theme.

Demon Slayer's film defeated the Titanic and took second place on the Japanese table for best box office. a perfect opportunity for Start merchandising based on the Koyoharu Gotoge franchise. On this sensational path to success, the products on the subject of demon slayers have suddenly multiplied: The latest products are the surgical masks inspired by the protagonists of the series.

Opera fans can buy it for 680 yen, about 5 euros at the current exchange rate Surgical masks with the theme of demon slayer. The different models include the iconic black and green checkered pattern of the protagonist Tanjiro Kamado as well as the light pink of the delicate kimona by Nezuko and the flames of Rengoku. The washable and reusable masks are currently pre-ordered and are expected to ship from December 11, 2020. Would you like to wear one? Have you bought any anime masks? Let us know! According to a certain ranking, fans don't want to see Demon Slayer live action.

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