In the latest episodes of the anime of Boruto: Naruto the next generations The audience eventually saw the Konoha ninja triumph over the members of the Kara organization. But Victor and Deepa's defeat is only obvious, the two antagonists might still be alive.

In the video preview of the next episode of the animated series posted on Twitter by user @ Abdul_S17, we see the head of the Kara organization discuss the next steps. Jigen is careful destroy the leaf village and the entire ninja world, but before he can proceed with his evil plan he needs a mysterious container.

In the few frames of the clip, the most surprising is the appearance of Victor, believed dead after the battle with Orochimaru. Apparently the older member of Kara managed to escape from the clutches of the Divine Tree and return to a secret base.

While talking to Jigen, Victor discharges the entire failure of his operation on the shoulders of Deepa, who appears to have disappeared after clashing with Team 7. Although he doesn't believe what he says, the leader of Kara forces him to look for a container; Victor seems intent on this, however betray the organization. While we wait for his next move, we admire the exciting reunion between the sixth and seventh Hokage in Boruto. A quote from one of the first Naruto episodes was noticed by Boruto fans.

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