The Kawaki and Himawari Ninja Academy saga has finally come to an end with Boruto's Episode 273. So it's time for a new original adventure for the Leaf Village's new generation shinobi. Let's find out what will happen in the next part of the anime series.

Boruto 274 advancements bring us back again eldest son of the Seventh Hokage and his master, Sasuke. The Uchiha talks to Boruto about a falcon that can fly very long distances, raising doubts in the boy. Such a falcon shouldn't really exist, but what Sasuke means is a legendary falcon that is said to be able to travel thousands of miles in a single night. This amazing animal is the target of your next mission.

In Boruto 274, entitled The Falcon That Cannot Fly, young Uzumaki and the Hokage's Shadow will search for one especially white hawk which only exists in the myths told in the books. They then go to a falcon trainer for communication, where they discover that there is someone getting rich from the rare species trade. Boruto decides to investigate the case and meets animal-loving boy Tsuzura Shitakiri. However, a mysterious bird catches Boruto's attention: is it the one who just saw the falcon his teacher is talking about?

Boruto Episode 274 will continue to air November 6, 2022 Simulcast Streaming on Crunchyroll and start a new round of original episodes. Here are some previews of the next episodes of Boruto anime.

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