In early January, Boruto launched the anime adaptation of Sasuke Retsuden, the light novel written by Jun Esaka that tells the story Journey of the Uchiha spouses to the distant land of Redaku. As this arc draws to a close, a dramatic cliffhanger makes viewers tremble.

atAstronomical Observatory Redaku, which Warden Zansul has turned into a prison where inmates are forced to do forced labor, Sasuke and Sakura have discovered the cause of Naruto's illness. Due to the Biju chakra present in his body, Naruto suffered from the same disease that the Sage of the Six Paths was able to cure with Ultra Particles.

Just as the two Konoha ninja manage to get to the bottom of the mystery of the book of the map of the sky Get the Ultra Particles, Sakura is betrayed by what she considered a friend and ally.

In Boruto 285 We therefore discover that Jiji, Sasuke's cellmate, actually works for Zansul and that he has been plotting behind the Uchiha spouses' backs all along. Sakura was with him Stabbed in the back and now he stands at a crossroads between life and death. Will Sasuke be able to save her with the release of Boruto 286?

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