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Chapter 15: The Only Salvation

Companies from bygone eras that you would like your children to inherit. Zeke is the victim of his parents' ambition for freedom, which robbed him of his childhood and made him an object for their purposes. For the freedom of the elders, they take away his son's freedom. The little boy meets Ksaver, in him he finds refuge and support as well as advice: Accuse his parents of saving himself and his grandparents too. So Jaeger is captured and Zeke becomes an exemplary Eldian. Ksaver confesses what happened to him and Zeke initiates his euthanasia plan, thus freeing the world of the Eldians and the demons. He inherits the beast, goes to Paradis, receives the information from the founder and, years later, meets with him, who turns out to be his brother Eren. The attached lightning spear is currently exploding.

Chapter Opinion

We learned of Zeke's real intentions. I have to admit it seemed like a case similar to Reiner's at first, which to me seems like a widespread approach getting tired, but it was possible to differentiate because the focus wasn't on his training and willingness wanting this is stronger, but based on his psyche and how his project was born. In addition, we already receive indications of what will happen later, e.g. B. the error (code name). I liked the chapter more than the chapter itself because it was very real: in a fight between two or three enemies, everyone within those sides fights for different ideals. The Jeagerists believe they will restore Eldia's kingdom, but the brothers want Eldia's destruction if the former only knew: would they continue to support them, would their hopes be gone? Those who lead don't usually tell the truth, even in a small group fighting giants, but instead look at Latin American guerrillas from the 60s to the 80s. Anyway, Zeke managed to escape and he can be restored, what will he do?

Poor Zeke

The initial education of children is usually the responsibility of the parents. Currently, if a school teaches things that parents dislike or disbelieve, they can remove their children or claim the school. For the most part, the children will have their parents' influence and shape them in a relaxed manner. The worst part is that the child wants to be accepted in order to suit the whims of the parents or make an effort. From that point of view, it seems like a tragedy to be a child because in any case the child will be brainwashed and not given freedom. That happened to Zeke, he wanted to meet his parents' expectations, the cold and embarrassed appearance hurt little Eldian. Zeke was not only the victim of a society that did not love him, but also of parents who did not love him as a person, but as a malleable object according to their will. These childhood traumas definitely condemned him to judgment: it is better not to be born.

The "adoptive father"

Ksaver is introduced to us. This from the previous chapter, when Zeke asks about his glasses, brings us to this Flashback this chapter. While glasses seem like a good resource to me, I think there must have been a reference to it because Zeke was on screen a lot. I can half accept it because Zeke is tough and reserved. Therefore, he would not show that he did such a thing and fall into sentimentality, but little by little he could reveal his plans. But maybe a hint would have come first (if so, please remind me).

Ksaver is the former Beast Titan, a warrior who didn't fight because the Beast apparently wasn't good at fighting. He was dedicated to research and learning about the Titans, and it is largely thanks to him that Zeke knew so much because of the shared memories and information he gave him. Ksaver also has a tragic story, but this one seems more compelling to me because what I haven't shown is that the heirs of the Titans have been trained since childhood. Did you have your family before or after you inherited the beast? Why didn't Marley punish him severely for breaking the rules? I think this part is poorly explained, but he's a personable character. Father Zeke always wanted.

Who is guilty

Ksaver was the one who told Zeke to tell his parents that it wasn't his fault, but theirs, because they never showed that they love him. From his confession it is concluded: Ksaver wanted to replace his son with Zeke and these parents were an obstacle. Did he do it himself for the child's best? Then comes the first, who is to blame, the parents or ksavers? Zeke can be saved halfway because he can be influenced, but that doesn't free him from guilt, especially from self-inflicted guilt. Zeke could also have felt guilty, and in order not to fully bear this existential burden, he spread the guilt: If I am an Eldian, if I was born of Eldians: The best thing is that there are no more Eldians, it's Eldias Fault . And perhaps the idea of ​​suicide and mass death of an ethnic group occurred to him at a young age.

Eldian Elimination Plan

The plan that was never said or warned is presented. Zeke's plan does not seem far-fetched or, on the contrary, uninteresting, but I think it was underdeveloped. Although, of course, this is a return to what we believe the brothers wanted: the kingdom of Eldia. But hey, the translation mentions the term euthanasia, which seems to me to be a correct term: There is no greater death than the one who does not die because one is not born. Disappear the Eldians, rid them of their sins, redeem yourself by avoiding the descendants. There is no greater sacrifice than to sacrifice children, they are the inheritance and our hope for life, getting rid of them means getting rid of ourselves.

Overall, Zeke's Buddhist idea is correct: whoever is not born does not suffer. The world is full of suffering, is it right to have children in order to make them suffer, is it right if we use them for our own purposes? Our society defends life, couldn't that have been another manipulation of the parents?

Sons of her father

Now we know how the brothers got together, although this was very little developed, because Zeke definitely felt and thought more and because the conversation must have had more content. We learn that Eren also thinks that his father was wrong and that he will support his older brother in making the euthanasia plan seem okay to him. ""Not being born is the greatest possible salvation“This is what the youngest of the Jeagers mentioned: We will only free ourselves if we cease to exist. Some, especially Eren, may classify them as emos, which seems like a biased reduction to me. In short, the siblings will only accomplish their father's goals in different ways.

Good chapter, only that I felt it with a lot of gaps, more like: things that weren't explained. In the absence of a chapter, we will go to Shiganshina, where it all began and where it will all end, at least in the animated version for television.


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