That Tatsuki Fujimoto was a great lover of western cinematography and not just a fact. In fact, the mangaka had disclosed this passion in various interviews and comments and made it visible in his works with his cinematic stage directions. This passion was also included in theChainsaw Man Anime.

From the opening of Chainsaw Man, there were many references to the world of western cinema, including references to Pulp Fiction and Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, Thor: Love and Thunder, Fight Club and more. As the release of the home video edition in Japan draws near, the staff also revealed the cover illustration of Chainsaw Man.

Clearly obvious references could not be missing here either. As you can see from the cover in the tweet below, the three main characters plus Pochita appear but reworked like some famous scenes and covers of some movies. The protagonist Denji on the top right is in The Shining; Power takes on the role of Kill Bill's bride; Aki Hayakawa uses the Kon instead, as if it were in A Clockwork Orange; finally there is pochita over that Chainsaw Man logo but redesigned to look like it's Jurassic Park.

A cover therefore very specific to Chainsaw Man, confirming a certain connection between the anime and film industries. In the meantime, here are the progress of Chainsaw Man 1x09.

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