Among all the most characteristic sagas of Dragon Ball Z Most iconic is undoubtedly Freeza, the narrative arc that made the Emperor of Evil the protagonist and at the same time opened the doors to unpredictable developments. However, could Goku really have defeated the powerful villain with just one finger?

There is no doubt that theAntagonist of the planet Namek is one of the most vicious our heroes have ever faced. His meanness made him a crowd-pleaser, so he was even reintroduced in Dragon Ball Super and his role reinterpreted in some illustrations like this fan-art that replaced Goku with Vegeta.

However, after the end of the saga and the return of the protagonists to Earth thanks to the Namek dragon spheres, it turns out that Freeza managed to survive the explosion of the planet and restore the lost body parts thanks to advanced machines. However, the villain who is ready to take revenge directly on Earth is intercepted by Future tribes who transforms into Super Saiyan with disarming simplicity and kills the threat for good. In the following scene, with Goku also returning a few hours later, the two Saiyajins put each other to the test and the protagonist manages Intercept all the blows of Trunks' sword with a single finger. Since Vegeta's son was able to quickly eliminate Freeza with his sword and the Super Saiyan, it is likely that even Goku could have accomplished the same feat with just his right index finger after his training at Yardrat.

However, do you think that is a plausible hypothesis or would our hero have had more trouble than expected? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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