Despite numerous reviews due to a lack of originality and excessive fan service, fairy tales It's a work, but one that has gained some popularity thanks to an overall compelling story and charismatic characters. In fact, the community especially loves the wizards of the guild of the same name.

The tireless Hiro Mashima, a writer with a great work culture, has devoted most of his life to serializing Fairy Tail, the manga that has put him at the forefront of Shonen goals in recent years. Despite the fact that the original series has actually come to an end on both the newspaper and television, the franchise continues to be talked about thanks to the huge community the Sensei has built over the years.

And in it it is not uncommon to come across brilliant manifestations of creativity, the last of which is signed Colored pencil deathnote, an artist who recently made headlines thanks to a series of illustrations that reinterpret the characters of various anime in real life. In his latest work he tried to look at the appearance of Lucy Heartfilia, female protagonist of the saga, through the illustration you find at the bottom of the news. All of this, of course, thanks to artificial intelligence from Art breeder.

And you, on the other hand, what do you think of this reconstruction of Lucy in reality, do you think it corresponds exactly to the original? Let us know with a comment below.

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