Weekly Shonen Jump has always had some ability to find new talented writers and then get them to create stories that made an important page for the magazine. However, cultivating new writers takes time and you have to start remotely, so the magazine offers various competitions and prizes. One of them is the Gold Future Cup.

After the Akatsuka or Tezuka Prize, which is dedicated to comic manga writers and general manga writers, respectively, the next step is: be selected from among the enterprising young authors of the Gold Future Cup, a competition organized by Weekly Shonen Jump in 2004 that places great emphasis on the work of the new generation.

there In fact, the magazine selects a range of authors ranging from 4 to 7 who have never published a series or too many oneshots and who have shown promising features for a bright future with the editors. The writers then have a few months to prepare a self-contained chapter that will be published in the magazine and with a color page to stand out from the crowded roster of Weekly Shonen Jump's hits.

there Publication on Weekly Shonen Jump is not a matter of course for everyone and because of this, it is important terrain to test a new writer who has the opportunity to get involved and understand readers' tastes and then improve the uptake over time. In addition, these oneshots are not only voted on via the traditional survey, but also via a separate survey, which then decides on a winner in the youth competition.

Almost all of the Gold Future Cup winners have their oneshots posted - with the exception of Gondaira Hitsuji, who has since released two more series - and even some of those who didn't win saw their work turned into a series. Of course, participating in or winning the Gold Future Cup is not necessarily synonymous with success also with a series: The success rate is low, with Beelzebub, I Signori dei Mostri - Nurarihyon no Mago and Muhyo and Roji Bureau's, which also managed to survive as a series for a long time and with good sales results.

However, the participation should not be underestimated: authors like it Yuki Tabata from black clover, Gege Akutami from Jujutsu Kaisen, Koyoharu Gotouge from Demon Slayer, Sho Aimoto from Kemono Jihen, Kaito from Blue Flag, Hitsuji Gondaira from Mission: Yozakura Family then succeeded by taking an important step with that experience.

It will be important to find new series for Weekly Shonen Jump, also thanks to competitions in the genre, so that the The next generation of authors can replace Eiichiro Oda from ONE PIECE and all other current hits. Instead, Shonen Jump + used a series with Netflix to find new talent.

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