Broly recently became a canon. The Dragon Ball Z movies of the '90s, popular and famous as they were, weren't canon. Broly's three appearances in these three versions, which essentially created an alternate universe, were written out of a recent feature film. Dragon Ball Super Broly.

After so many years of lying dormant along with a good part of the brand, finally the The legendary Super Saiyan is back to challenge Goku and Vegeta. Although Broly was surpassed by Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, it was a very popular film, which is why all fans of the saga have started to pay more attention to the character that has been mentioned or appeared in recent projects.

To consolidate this popularity, there is the illustrator Kouji, who proposed a very effective image to his fans on Twitter. Broly Super Saiyan 4 is born in this illustration where he is at full poweralways angry and furious, ready to destroy everything. Broly never appeared in Dragon Ball GT and probably never will be a Super Saiyan 4 considering this transformation doesn't exist in Dragon Ball Super. However, seeing him in action remains every fan's wet dream.

This is what the current Dragon Ball Z style Broly would have looked like.

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