Popular Twitter User "@takigare3', which is devoted to gossip and show business in Japan, shared a revealing update a strange promotional call from the owner of a concept cafe, a way of referring to themed cafeterias like those of maids or other types. The text of the summons, now removed, reads:

  • The hourly wage depends on the owner. If you provide the service requested by the owner, the hourly wage increases. If you do exactly what the owner wants you to do, we will increase your hourly wage. No problem even if you have no experience.
  • In the conversation we ask you to what extent you can do what the owner wants. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. Of course, the more you can do, the higher your hourly wage will be. If you can do it all, you can earn anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 yen per hour ($35.62 to $71.24). We are looking for a new employee to strengthen our team.

The call also revealed that since this was a contract by opening It would be very easy to integrate socially into the teamthe The transport costs are covered by the companyand even that You can earn salary by doing nothing at work as long as you do what the owner wants back then. After all, the subpoena wrote that there was no problem if the applicant was 17 years old (ie one year after reaching majority).

Finally, the user also reported that one of his followers actually took the test by sending an application to this facility. In a text conversation via smartphone, it can be read that the person responsible asked for photos and then told him that hedo what the owner wants“includes eating out, kissing, among other things”. The girl continued the conversation and requested an interview, to which she was given a date, time, and location, and was told to put on a skirt or other revealing outfit.

The conversation ends there, but it could be deduced that the girl only sent these messages to investigate and had no intention of actually attending the interview. It's definitely a very strange reputation, but it also reflects perhaps the true working environment that women workers in theme cafes in Japan are exposed to.

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