While we await the arrival of the fourth season of The Attack of the Giants, we point out one interesting statement about the ending made by the author of the series, interviewed by Japanese television.

As you can read in the tweet present at the bottom of the news, the profile of the famous social @AoTWiki shared this message: "From the new interview on TBS. Japanese viewers are tweeting that Isayama has revealed that 5% of the story of the Attack on Titan manga is missing"The fans immediately commented on the message, divided between those who would have preferred a longer epilogue and those who started making calculations to try to understand the exact number of chapters left.

It now seems certain therefore that we will be able to read the conclusion of the story of Eren and the others in the next 5 or 6 chapters, before seeing the animated transposition on which the MAPPA studio is working, which will replace WIT studio, responsible for the previous seasons of The Attack of the Giants. Recall that in Italy there are 30 of the volumes that make up the saga, published by Planet Manga, while we await the conclusion of the series, we leave you with the trailer of The Attack of the Giants 4, whose episodes are highly anticipated by all fans of Japanese animation.

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