Since the Naruto Shippuden, according to the post-timeskip of the manga or the anime series of the same name, which was the longest of the series, the characters with these clothes and features are no doubt well embedded in the minds of readers and viewers. But these characters, these young ninja who fight, change and grow.

A first taster occurs in the series finale, where they are shown as adults, with Naruto Hokage and others who fulfill other roles. However, shortly after the completion of the manga, the series decided to proceed with a feature film based on unpublished events, allowing to see the protagonists in the post-war period, in the first adult phase. Everything grew a few years after the furious events of the fourth great ninja war Hinata Hyuga that, against his will, he found himself very much in the center of the dynamic.

The film essentially served to show the birth of the story between Naruto and Hinata, which was already anticipated in the manga. Talented cosplayer Enji Night was photographed with it under the cherry blossoms Hinata Hyuga cosplay for young adultsjust like seen in the Naruto the Last movie.

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