After conquering the spring anime schedule with the debut of the eleventh episode, Spy x family nearing the end of his first cour. In the penultimate installment of the series, Anya unleashes the courage of a lion and earns a prize so coveted by Twilight.

The first results of the tests assisted by Anya arrive at the forger’s house. Loid analyzes her and realizes who his daughter is absolutely incapable of learning and he doesn’t want to hear about books at all. Twilight doesn’t lose hope in her mission: there are other ways to get the little girl some stars. With Yor by his side, Loid tries to cultivate Anya by first letting her draw, then playing, and finally doing sports. However, Anya is also denied in art, in music and sports. Meanwhile, Spy x Family is accused of too many fillers.

The spy, having a thousand resources, decides to participate in one Father Child Volunteer Day. With Anya in tow, he goes to a facility where he volunteers to cook, clear shelves, or tidy up. Once again, the telepath proves her incompetence by doing nothing but damage.

At the very last moment after being chased away, little Forger runs away from her father without too many explanations. Thanks to her powers, she recognized that A child drowns in a swimming pool Rehabilitation. Having found her colleague in mortal danger, Anya fearlessly throws herself into the pool. However, Anya almost drowns but is saved by her father Loid, who saves both children.

In Spy x Family 1×11, Anya shows incredible courage and returns to Eden Academy for an act that saved a child’s life Anya is rewarded with a star and arouses the envy of all. Instead of earning the respect of their classmates, they drift further apart. Only Damian, he defends his bitter rival with the sword.

Eventually, Becky explains that she can now after doing this good deed asks his parents for a gift in return. Anya, she wishes she had a little dog.

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