Although the Blue Exorcist exhibit has been canceled, fans of Kazue Kato they were able to see sketches made by some of the most famous mangakas on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the series.

At the bottom of the news you will find the drawings made by Masashi Kishimoto, who wanted to represent the protagonist of in his typical style Naruto with Rin Okumura, in a subsequent tweet instead there is the image with the unmistakable trait of Akira Toriyama. In addition to the two of them, also important artists such as Norihiro Yagi, Takeshi Obata and Sui Ishida have decided to pay homage to the long-lived series, which made its debut in April 2009, on the pages of Jump Square, magazine edited by Shueisha. As you can imagine, fans have really enjoyed these designs, happy to be able to see the protagonist of the story in the style of some of the most famous manga cats.

If you don't know Kazue Kato's manga, it is a work focused on Rin, a young high school student who discovers he is the son of Satan and who will decide to become an exorcist to avenge the death of his adoptive parent, killed by demons. In the Netflix catalog there are the two animated series on Blue Exorcist, transposition of some of the events of the protagonists of the story.

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