The line of action figures dedicated to Naruto Shippuden continues: in addition to the one on Hashirama Senju, we point out a new statuette focused on one of the most original characters of the saga of Masashi Kishimoto.

We are talking about Nagato, which made its debut in chapter 372 of the series edited by Shueisha. At the bottom of the news you can see the tweet shared by @MundoKame, which allows us to take a first look at the action figure entirely dedicated to the ninja of the Village of the Rain, already available for pre-order at the price of 242 €, shipping excluded. The cost is justified by the dynamic pose and the great attention to detail, the statuette will be 37.5 cm high, and 33.8 cm wide, representing the manga character in 1/7 scale. The responsible company is Dueling Studio, which also produced other objects inspired by the anime.

As you can read in the tweet, the pre-orders for the action figure are already open, which will be available during the summer, even if we still do not know the exact date. We are sure that it will have considerable success among fans of the adventures of Naruto and the other ninja, if you are looking for even more expensive merchandise, we recommend this action figure of a character of Naruto Shippuden, which reproduces the features of Jiraya priced at $ 800.

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