A new super Villain, or Punchline, has recently been introduced in the comic universe of the Dark Knight, which will play a key role in the next narrative arc dedicated to the Joker War, which will soon arrive on the main head of Batman published by DC Comics.

The DC multiverse introduced us to an infinite number of characters, and among these we naturally had the "pleasure" of knowing the alternative version of Batman, or the Batman that Laughs, a kind of hybrid by Bruce Wayne and Joker, of which they have been revealed the origins recently. Since its first appearance in the series Dark Nights: Metal, this Batman counterpart has captivated fans, and an artist, Anna Zhuo wanted to imagine the new Punchline villain in her shoes.

As you can see in the post at the bottom of the news, shared by the artist herself, she faithfully reproduced the design of the Batman Who Laughs, with a disturbing smile and a look to say the least disturbing. By proposing the drawing to Capullo and Snyder, makers of the series in question, Anna Zhuo also joked that one day this character could become canonical.

Recall that Punchline will face Harley Quinn in the next issue of Batman, the 93rd, and we leave you with 5 curiosities that perhaps you don't know about Batman.

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