Red Hulk is going to hit Cap in the new Captain America comic

One of the Hulk's sharpest enemies, the Red Hulk, is about to return to the pages of the Marvel Universe Face Captain America. Steve Rogers and Thunderbolt Ross compete against each other in Captain America # 26.

General Thunderbolt Ross is one of the key characters in this comic book series; in fact considered dead Red Hulk stayed secretly behind the scenes. To anticipate this sensational fight, we thought of the cover of the comic illustrated by artist Alex Ross.

The return of Thunderbolt Ross is marked a clash that will remain in the annals of enthusiasts. Given the difference in size and strength, Captain America must use his shield and play cunning, or simply hope for the intervention of another hero, like the Iron Patriot, who fights by his side.

In contrast to its heroic counterpart Red Hulk is endowed with a strong tactical intelligence;; a calculating character, but at the same time endowed with an extraordinary inhuman strength. For Captain America, it seems like a literally impossible mission.

Thunderbolt Ross appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe first appeared in Avengers: Infinity War and made its final appearance in Avengers: Endgame. Actor William Hurt will return to give his face to this fearsome creature in the film dedicated to the Black Widow.

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