During the production of The attack of the giants 4 begins to encounter a number of obstacles in October that undermine its broadcast. On the internet, fans have resumed the series with a view to last season. However, a recent poll decided which anime has the most shocking first episode.

Speaking of the fourth series of the animated adaptation, inspired by the manga of Hajime IsayamaRecently, some news has emerged regarding the technical sector, in this case computer graphics. Studio MAPPA has indeed started a collaboration with a CGI studio with many of an industry professional's staff going ashore to increase efforts and bottom line, although it is not clear on what occasions the company will take advantage of the technology.

In the last few days as well Goo leaderboard opened a poll for thousands of people to find out which anime from the first episode is the most shocking, that is, the episode that led viewers to keep watching the entire series. This is why it is particularly noticeable The attack of the giants with his extraordinary episode 1, which showed viewers all the brutal intentions of the work in just twenty minutes. The remaining positions of the leaderboard below:

  1. The attack of the giants;
  2. Demon Hunter;;
  3. Detective Conan;
  4. Mr. Osomatsu;
  5. Yu Yu Hakusho;
  6. The promised no man's land;
  7. School live;
  8. Neon Genesis Evangelion;;
  9. Kingdom;
  10. Pop Team Epic;

And you, what do you think of this ranking, do you agree? Let us know your personal top 3 in the area reserved for comments.

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