The production process of the new chapters of The attack of the giants You start with a very delicate phase, creating the stroyboards, which must be approved by the publisher before moving on to the next phase. So this is what Isayama's drafts look like before they actually start drawing the new chapter.

Chapter 139 of The Attack of the Giants has a lot of fans who are already excited to see how the Sensei will develop the latest events ahead of the grand finale, which is slated to debut in the first week of April. In this regard, a reference to the ending seems to come straight from the numerology of chapter 139.

A few hours ago the Storyboard of the new episode of the manga, the same ones that you can admire at the end of the news. The tables in question They are nothing but draftsapproximate images that allow the publisher to get an idea of ​​the end result and consequently to make suggestions or corrections to his client. Only after his approval can the master actually draft the chapter. In addition to the storyboards, the tables published in a magazine have been placed side by side so that you can get an impression of the first and last phase of the implementation phase.

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