The My Hero Academia War Bow Pro Heroes and the Supernatural Liberation Front collided, resulting in one of the most intense battles of all time. Eventually the heroes triumphed, but the massive damage to the cities, the numerous casualties and the devastating damage to morale are anything but reassuring.

The result of the battle between villain and hero says that the latter are the winners; However, the truth is very different. The surprise attack by the criminals and the revelations of Dabi led the citizens to do so lose trust in society of heroes now in unstoppable decline in My Hero Academia.

Endeavor and Hawks have lost mass media support because of the truth exposed by Dabi. Though the two have tried in every way to replace All Might since he retired There is no longer a symbol of peace. And Katsuki Bakugo feels guilty.

The Yuei's explosive disciple observes a statue of his favorite hero with a sign that reads, "I'm not here anymore," and discovers that if All Might disappears from the scene, he will fight One For All is due. if he hadn't been kidnapped by the bad guysMaybe the fight in Kamino would never have happened.

Bakugo, however, seems to be plagued by these thoughts could stimulate him even more and pave the way for the role of professional hero. The legendary Mega Man could be the inspiration for one of the heroes of My Hero Academia.

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