The antagonists of Dragon Ball Z They are most popular with the public and most popular when it comes to statuettes and collecting. One of them, Evil Buu, is the protagonist of a very special limited edition Funko Pop.

The bad Bu is the embodiment of all malice present in Majin Buu, as well as the exact opposite. In contrast to the rosy and chubby good Buu, Evil Bu is not only ruthless, but also has a long limbed body, a face hollowed out from excessive thinness, and a pale color more prone to purple.

Although in Dragon Ball Super Majin Buu is part of the Z Warriors and his evil being was reborn in Uub, Evil Buu has returned to attack in one specific case Funko Pop in Metal Made exclusively for Funimation.

However, fans don't seem happy with this new addition. As you can see from the tweets at the bottom of the news, Funko had already released a practically identical pop. The only difference between this novelty and the previous model is the metallic colorbut not too different from the original. And what do you think of this character, would you have preferred a new pose since it is an exclusive version? Introducing Goku's epic Super Saiyan transformation in this $ 800 Dragon Ball Z figure. Venom encounters Dragon Ball Z villains, including Kid Buu, in these spectacular illustrations.

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