In the anime of Boruto: Naruto the next generations The Kara organization has finally taken action. However, the real goal of Jigen and his subordinates is still unclear: what or who is the mysterious ship? And how are you going to take advantage of it?

While Team 7 tries to get revenge the disappearance of a dear friend The Kara Organization confronts a hero of the fourth great ninja war who has turned out to be a traitor and is still on the hunt for the mysterious ship that was lost in the crash of Victor's airship.

According to the recap of episode 189 of the anime posted on Twitter by user Abdul S17, viewers can finally discover the recipient's true identity. Under the title "Resonance" we will be able to admire during the episode Kawaki's first fight.

""The fight between Kawaki, the ship, and Garou, an outsider to Kara who is trying to bring him back, has begun. Boruto and the others are the only spectators of the clash. Garou has ninja science tools all over his body, while Kawaki manages to mold his arms into various shapes. The fierce struggle continues unabated and Kawaki begins to be exhausted, overwhelmed. But when he is about to be captured, something happens to Kawaki's body. As for a strange response, something is happening to Boruto too ".

According to the last part of the table of contents the son of the Seventh Hokage and Kawaki they seem to be related in a strange way: a fate woven from the same threads. But before that, here are an enemy's weaknesses in the recap of the next episode of Boruto.

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