ONE PIECE: Oda likes to play with numbers, a fan notes the secret connection of two chapters

ONE PIECE it is known because its mangaka manages to create a world in which every single element is interconnected with others. It doesn't matter if this element is small or large, sooner or later it will reappear in the plot and could have unexpected effects. And this is feasible also thanks to the great attention that Eiichiro Oda devotes to his project.

In fact, a fan has noticed a curious coincidence, which probably is not a coincidence, that connects two chapters spaced about seven years apart. We are talking about the chapter 592 and 925 of ONE PIECE. The number of the two chapters swaps a few digits for similar numbers and they are mysteriously connected by Kuraigana and Perona. As can be seen at the bottom, both the first pages of the chapter are dedicated to the island where Mihawk resides and which has recently been inhabited by Perona as well.

A bond that continues and becomes more and more particular thinking that between one and the other exactly 333 chapters have passed. A precise number that has driven ONE PIECE fans crazy, now looking for theories that can be based on this number. Have you ever noticed this peculiarity with these two chapters of ONE PIECE, or have you found other bizarre connections in the work of Eiichiro Oda?

Meanwhile, the manga goes on with Kidd in the foreground, what will happen in ONE PIECE after the break?

Oda Like To Play With Chapter Numbers from r / OnePiece

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