The anime of Boruto prepares to enter the heart of the new narrative arc, in which the mysterious organization Kara will put the sticks in the wheels of our protagonists. The production revealed an unpublished member of the group, a certain Deepa.

The Twitter user Abdul_S17 shared the first pictures of the character. Indication that it will appear in episode 158. Its introduction represents an exclusivity of the cartoon series, since it is absolutely absent in the manga.

What do we know about the character so far? We know the voice actor Tatsuya Kakihara and the character design, which you can take a look at at the end of the article. Apparently the current Boruto saga will therefore be a mixture of the paper material and the original content created by the production. A choice that perhaps makes the nose of most fans who would have liked a holistic adaptation of the events in the manga.

However, it is not said to be a strict addition to the narrative. From this point of view, the authors of the cartoon series often have an advantage because they are able to react to an already existing material and therefore perfect it with elements that enrich the story instead of distorting it.

One example is certainly the management of the Mujina bandits’ narrative sheet, which was transposed pretty closely from the study, but with additional extras that didn’t change the overall experience.

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The screenwriter of Boruto’s anime shared some unpublished details of the kara saga. Episode 159 appeared in a rich trailer.

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