On the official YouTube channel of AniCast Lab, the tool created by the company for creating virtual reality anime Aniplex and the team developer XVI Inc.an animated short film was released Kanojo wa Utau, Dakara Boku wa.

The short functions Yuuki Wakai, Member of the idol group I ☆ Ris, and Kei Kobayashi. Wakai also composed the soundtrack for this short film and wrote, composed and sang the title song "Promise".

The anime Kanojo wa Utau, Dakara Boku wa was produced remotely, powered by Avex accredited with production. Nobukazu Sakai (ef: a story of memories), a producer who is best known for his work at the development company Minori, directed and wrote the screenplays for this short film, and Kazuharu Kina took care of character design.

On the other hand, the AniCast Lab tool allows users to create anime using virtual reality, similar to Virtual YouTubers. AniCast uses the devices Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch Use and capture motion to create 3DCG animated characters with the movements of a real person. Users can also operate the camera freely, place objects and change scenarios.

Source: ANN

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