Junji Ito tells the origin of his crazy creative streak in an interview

During Comic-Con 2020, Junji Ito He took the Viz Media microphones and told about the creative process that led him to print his terrible mink on paper. The Master of Horror replied when asked about the origin of his crazy ideas that "he doesn't have the slightest idea about their origin."

However, Ito talked about how he had a great passion for the horror genre at a young age. Even as a child, he dared to create stories that mixed the secular and supernatural components, but made this clear his engagement was mainly "personal"and first of all want to create "worlds for themselves".

In short, it was foreseeable that Master would not hide a magic recipe behind his disturbing creative streak. And that is exactly the strength of his works, which are unique in their composition and cannot be compared with any other production of their kind.

The author is currently working on a new weekly series, titled "The Phantom Zone". Ito's artistic genius was also discovered by a certain Hideo Kojima, who invited the author to participate in the development of a horror title. There is still nothing official, as Ito said, but there is a good chance that Your relationship of appreciation may lead to collaboration in the future.

Junji Ito: The horror master reveals that he wants to work with Stephen King. In the near future, Junji Ito's works will receive a literary implementation.

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