Despite the many pages available in the last few chapters, Hajime Isayama has decided to include additional pages in volume 34 of The Attack of the Giants. The final tankobon therefore sees many additional pages that in some ways close off the world that the mangaka created over the past decade.

A portion of these pages was dedicated to Mikasa Ackerman, The Attack of the Giants co-star who was last forced to go against her wishes and kill Eren. in the meantime The world is changing and Paradis seems to be at peacewhile Mikasa lives her life with her new family. Shiganshina is growing, and old houses are giving way to more modern buildings similar to those in Marley.

At the moment of Mikasa's death, Shiganshina appears to have become an early 20th century city, but time goes by significantly in the vignette that follows. The buildings give way to modern-day skyscrapers visible across the table, making it clear that the world has been going on for almost another century. In addition, however, one A new war has broken out against ParadisShiganshina is razed to the ground by some planes.

The wreckage of the skyscrapers will remain there for years, ten if not hundreds of years. The ruins are gradually being covered with moss as the tree in which Eren was buried continues to grow. The more time passes, the more the tree grows. similar to the tree in which Ymir found the creature that turned her into a giant. A child with his dog approaches the ruins of the city and then the surrounding forests and reaches the base of the tree.

Hajime Isayama ends the giants' attack with a table that shows a mysterious compartment in the tree right in front of the child and his dog.

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