Where have you been Dragon Ball Super 2? The TV series has not been talked about for a few weeks, if not months, although the 2022 franchise is set to return shortly with a new original film. However, according to several insiders, this is the reason for all of these postponements or the lack of an announcement, if we want, it seems clear.

There has been no news about DB Super 2 for a while, other than some dates that have proven correct for the new movie where it is reasonable to expect some updates on future plans for TOEI animation. Just a week ago, an animator had given an interview mentioning the future of anime, but the answer turned out to be wrong due to an ambiguous translation from English.

In any case, most of the sources that have recently been talking about the Dragon Ball sequel for the last two years agree on one point: the anime would actually have been postponed for a variety of reasons initially from 2019 especially the question of quality. In fact, the quality has skyrocketed after the last film, and TOEI Animation is likely to want to avoid broadcasting the television series with the same technical flaws that characterized the previous series, which has been heavily criticized in relation to the drawings. As if that wasn't enough, the studio is working on many projects, albeit with different collaborators, that have filled the ideal time slots for the broadcast of Dragon Ball, which is why the end of Digimon Adventure 2020 it could be accompanied by novelties. Finally, it is right to remember the inconvenience caused by the Covid-19 pandemic that will, in some ways, further slow down work.

In any case, it seems certain that the silence regarding Dragon Ball Super 2 won't last long as the announcement of the new film implies big plans in that of TOEI. However, when do you think we will see the sequel to the series? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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