Sailor Moon has now reached his thirtieth birthday. The story of Naoko Takeuchi is long gone, but fans have been able to rediscover it in the last decade thanks to the excellent makeover, an anime more faithful to the original manga story. there reborn passion for Sailor Moon it has therefore led to many celebrations.

While on the anime front you have to wait for the conclusion of the story that will come with the film Sailor Moon Cosmos, a film duo that will mark the end of the saga, the manufacturer will develop new themed products. To celebrate the birth, which took place in 1992, Sailor Moon will see new products like bags and pursesPurses, accessories and jewelry of various kinds created by the Samantha Group, a company that makes its way into the pop world in Tokyo with the Samantha Vega brand.

There will be two series of bags in the colors of Sailor Moon and Luna's uniforms, as well as two sweatshirts inspired by the colors of Luna and Artemis. Backpacks and shoulder bags will always have the design of the moon warrior and her cat. The collection does not end here as there will be gods Leather wallets modeled after the original five Sailor Warriors plus Lunaalso accompanied by a special box.

Finally there will also be seven spells, again from Sailor Warriors and Luna plus a week based on the Sailor Moon stick. Below you can take a look at some of the products designed by the brand to celebrate these thirty years of the warrior created by Naoko Takeuchi.

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