in the The vampire dies in no time A vampire hunter searches for a dangerous child kidnapper until he discovers that nothing was as it seemed. Madhouse worked on the anime adaptation of Itaru Bonnoki's shonen manga.

After the 12 episodes in 2021, the production of the second season of The Vampire Dies in No Time was already known, an indication of the success that the series is enjoying with viewers and the distribution of Crunchyroll.

On the FrontierWorks YouTube channel, they come out good on November 28, 2022 two promotional videos to tease fans of the brand and ease how much they can up their doses of waiting for season two.

As revealed in the new The Vampire Dies in No Time trailers mentioned above, Ayumu Murase will play Mikazuki, a dampir who has come to Shin-Yokohama to exterminate vampires. Jun Fukuyama, who also voices the main character Dralc, will return to play the new opening theme NEW DRAMA PARADISE. The narrator will also voice Eisuke Nikaido, the new trailer for Tsurune: The Linking Shot reveals. Takayuki Kondō and Daisuke Ono's "Tech Vocal Unit" TRD will return to perform the new ending theme, Cozy Crazy PARTY! It is directed by Hiroshi Koujina, already known for his acclaimed work in 2011's Grenadier and Hunter x Hunter.

In the videos there is no lack of old and new acquaintances of the series, exaggerated moments and a good portion of action and comedy. The Vampire Dies in No Time 2 will be released on January 9, 2023, will you follow him? What impression did you get from the trailers? Tell us yours!

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