Luffy and his companions have been on the Rotta Maggiore for a long time. Her wish is to reach the end represented by the island of Laugh Tale where the One Piece is buried, the treasure found by Gol D. Roger. They have been doing this for many years and the obstacles in their path are different, especially pirates and marines.

But the problem is also the distance and the immensity of this journey: The Rotta Maggiore is in fact on the equator of the ONE PIECE world and is therefore very extensive. Not to mention that this planet that Luffy and his companions are on appears to be much larger than our Earth. But is it really? That The world of ONE PIECE is bigger than the earth?

Several fans have attempted to calculate these dimensions in the past. First the user Nitra_m tried to use the size of Alabasta. Thinking about it this time is Attacktit4n, who despite his nickname on Reddit is also a big fan of ONE PIECE. As a calculation tool, he used Zunisha, the giant elephant that carries Zou on his shoulders. We know that Zunisha is a whopping 20 kilometers tall and walks on the bottom of the ocean while the rump reaches the clouds.

From there, the user launches a series of accounts, which you can observe below, and comes to the conclusion that the ONE PIECE's planet is at least three times the size of Earth. In the last picture you can also see a comparison between the two planets, which makes the long journeys of Luffy and his associates from one island to the other even more special.

Also, did you know that the world of ONE PIECE seems to have many moons?

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