Hirohiko Araki is an artist who has managed to change and renew his style several times over the years. Just think of the way he drew the characters' bodies at the time of Phantom Blood and his current trait Jojolion, Series that is now drawing to a close, introducing an alternate version of the yo-yo universe.

This eighth adventure is based on a real event the earthquake and tsunami that hit the coast of the Tohoku region in 2011, and that in the manga seems to have led to the formation of special rocky outcrops called Walls of Eyes, about a hundred yards from town Morioh-cho. Exactly the city where Josuke Higashikata's incredible adventures in Diamond Is Unbreakable took place.

Jojolion begins with a young disciple, Yasuho Hirose who is near the Walls of Eyes and sees a boy in the groundwho seems to have completely lost his memory. As the pages and chapters progress, the unknown is taken over by the Higashikata and family it will be Yasuho himself who will name him JosukeIn this way, an alternate version of the protagonist of the fourth series is created, although important details and information about his past will emerge in the course of the plot.

Recall that chapter 104 marked the death of an important character, and we leave you to Araki's words regarding the series finale.

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