The news of the death of Kentaro Miura, father of Berserkshook the whole world. The sudden loss of such a talented and important writer at just 54 years old not only to the manga industry but to fiction in general was a blow. Fans of all kinds and of course his mangaka colleagues joined the condolences.

Various Sensei have posted condolences for this grave loss through their Twitter accounts. There are those who have expressed their grief with a goodbye message and those who are still speechless like Yusuke Murata from One-Punch Man. George Morikawa, author of Hajime no Ippohas however decided to dedicate an important message to Kentaro Miura, commemorating the first meeting between the two.

Morikawa was 19 and had already started working as a mangaka. However, he was in trouble and asked for the assistance of other assistants, and at that moment he did introduced him to an 18-year-old Kentaro Miura, a foreign. Wanting to know how he drew this boy to get an idea, Morikawa received his notebook full of drawings of fairies and monsters. His blow with a thick pencil was already of a high standard. When asked what it was, Miura replied that it was a project he was working on.

The young budding mangaka was rejected shortly afterwards because Morikawa had nothing to teach him: The Hajime no Ippo sensei knew Kentaro Miura would write an excellent manga, and after a few years, Berserk was published in Hakusensha home magazine. The relationship between the two has remained so strong over the years that Kentaro Miura celebrated the successes of Hajime no Ippo by dedicating a drawing to the manga, as you can see below.

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