Kohei Horikoshi has transported readers and his characters into a new reality that is not easy to handle. Deku is in danger again with Chapter 312 of My Hero Academia, in which another character has also established himself.

The fight with Lady Nagant continues, the character who has already fascinated fans of My Hero Academia. Deku was faced with this woman who was able to fight at great distances and it got him into trouble. But spoilers for My Hero Academia 313 show that Deku has managed to find a countermove. Let's see how in the first texts and pictures below.

Everything could be good: The hero's car was hit by some minor villain bombs, but they weren't powerful enough to destroy the former hero's hardened vehicle. All Might gets out of the car and his presence is enough to scare the enemies who are running away. The man realizes that this was all part of a plan to separate him and Deku.

The The protagonist of My Hero Academia is getting closer and closer to Lady Nagant But a barrage of blows, one from the shoulders and one from the front, makes him understand that the woman is also changing her position. The sense of danger is not activated in time for the speed of the bullets when Deku notices that the woman is in the air thanks to her new character.

The boy decides to throw the wall of smoke so that Lady Nagant's view is blocked, and yes is preparing to exploit the quirk of the third owner of the One for All. The latter takes him back and says he's not ready yet as he hasn't had time to train him, but Deku decides it's already too late. So he takes advantage of the Hakkei while Lady Nagant warns him that he cannot escape despite the wall of smoke. Deku repeatedly distracts Lady Nagant by throwing various objects: the Gran Torino cloak, the mask, the backpack. Lady Nagant continues to keep him under fire, but suddenly Deku breaks through the building in which the woman is and takes her arm.

The chapter of My Hero Academia therefore ends with Deku who managed to get close enough to fight hand in hand with Lady Nagant. Will everything go smoothly in the next chapter?

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