The attack of the giants: a stunt reproduces the acrobatics of the characters

Since their appearance, the giants have posed a threat that humans would never have been able to face, at least on a physical level. Thanks to a good dose of ingenuity and the inevitable instinct for survival, the de the attack of the giants has developed devices that can defeat the voracious titans.

The Scout Army uses these devices both to strike a retreat in an emergency and to dash around enemies and beat them to death in order to target their free zone. A youtuber managed to recreate the characters' bursting movementsMake a comparison between the anime's sequences and its attempts to replicate.

It's not the first time creator Nick Pro has faced these challenges as he has already made videos of some of the most iconic works in the animation world - like Naruto, Dragon Ball, and Demon Slayer.

But back to the attack of the giants The latest season four news isn't comforting. In fact, some Japanese TV channels that previously included the Map Studio series in their programming removed all references.

The anime, as you might have guessed, was originally included in the series that should have aired this fall, but with a sudden change it was removed from every catalog. We are waiting for an official notification for confirmations regarding a possible postponement.

The attack of the giants: announced a new split from Armin. Analysis of the trailer and expectations for the finale of the fourth season of the Attack of the Giants.

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