The Long War of Wano began practically four years ago when the Straw Hat Pirates fully arrived on Samurai Island. Since then, ONE PIECE participated in the longest span that there has been an open feud between Kaido's forces and those of Luffy and his companions for the past two years.

If he had doubts that the fight between Luffy and Kaido was over, him ONE PIECE 1050 spoiler with pictures they seem to determine the ultimate outcome. We start again with a mini-adventure dedicated to Germa 66, where Ichiji and Reiju appear to save the two younger brothers, while at the top of the page the title "Honour" appears.

There is one on the first few pages Update on the outcome of Kaido's win, while the Emperor still appears to be falling, with Luffy instead having passed out and reverting to his normal form and Yamato tending to him. In the capital of flowers, the celebrations continue and little O-Toko remembers a moment she spent with her adoptive father Yasuie: the latter ate the same SMILE as Toko to prevent the girl from being the only one she laughs

At Onigashima Castle, despite the announcement of Kaido's defeat, Kaido's pirates want to keep fighting, but Yamato manages to stop them. Simultaneously, some tremors begin and the underwater volcano Wano awakens. In the flower capital, however, they are all afraid Momonosuke arrives and announces the end of Kaido's era. While a narrative text reveals that the winner of the fight is Straw Hat Luffy, Denjiro arrives with Komurasaki to tell everyone the new Shogun's name.

ONE PIECE 1050 will be released on MangaPlus on Sunday, May 29th.

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