Written and illustrated by on the official page of the manga Masami Kurumada, OtokozakaIt was reported that the series ended the arc entitled "Honjin Shitou-hen" with its sixth chapter. In addition, it was announced on the last page of the last chapter xe that the next story arc entitled "Shouwa Sekigahara-hen" will be the last.

For his part, Kurumada "restarted" the publication of this manga in the magazine Weekly playboy from the publisher Shueisha in June 2014, 30 years after the last published chapter in this series.

The series was then moved to the application Shonen Jump Plus 2017 with the bow "Keikai Otome-hen". The next sheet, "Tenka Taihen-hen," was published in August 2018 and had seven chapters. The sheet was compiled in the eighth compilation volume published in November 2018. Then the "Takeshima Honjin-hen" arc began on February 9th and ended on March 29th, and finally the "Honjin Shitou-hen" arc began. last July 4th.

Otokozaka synopsis

Jingi Kikukawa, a boy who has never been defeated by anyone in his thirteen years, was transferred to a school in Touun a year ago. Each school is protected by a warrior leader. After talking to Yasuoka (the headmaster on arrival), Jingi fights with him and wins and becomes the headmaster.

However, he will soon meet his archenemy Sho Takeshima, the leader of a gang that controls eastern Japan and who finally seems to be teaching him a lesson in combat.

Source: ANN

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