One of the undisputed protagonists since the beginning of the new season of The Attack of the Giants has been Reiner Braun, a character that we have known since the first season and who has played the role of Eren Jaeger's friend and foe for a long time.

We've seen him immerse himself in the new reality of Marley's realm as a kid, when he was just beginning his training as an elite soldier. His trauma led him to make some of the choices we saw in Attack of the Giants 4x03, and he will continue to be the focus of future episodes. They are waiting for the giant 4x04 attack to arrive on December 29, 2020 on VVVVID and Amazon Prime Video in Italy Trailer and first pictures of Attack of the Giants 4x05.

And the title already suggests a fire situation. The next episode is titled "Declaration of War" and shows the show by Willy Tybur, one of the new characters in the anime. But the Big happens at the end of the trailer when Reiner realizes that he has no escape for the presence of Eren Jaeger in Marley. Now the protagonist is finally back in the spotlight after the short scenes with Falco, He will be the one to unleash global war?

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